Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Important websites to know

Internet Movie Database (IMDb) was created by Colin Needham in 1990 as a hobby and now is the 42nd most popular website in the world; it is used to get you any information about any movie or any actor. There is a search bar at the top to search for any TV, movie, celebrities or more its displayed with pictures and that the person is know for. The purpose of this website is to get anyone needed or wanted information on any thing to do with film. The target audience for this website is anyone and everyone.

Beginners guide to acting is a sight that helps young want to be actors start out in an acting career this sight was created by Michelle Louise Craig. This website is designed to be very helpful it has a homepage that tells you all about the site and has many other areas on the site to help you out. The purpose of this website is to help people get involved in acting and to tell the story of Michelle Louise Craig. The audience for this site is anyone wanting to get involved in acting or anyone wanting to see what it takes to get in.

About careerist was created by Phil Berman to show young actors ten easy steps to get involved in acting. On this sight you will find steps on how to become an actor/actress and has manny links to show you acting schools and courses. The purpose of this website is to help people in ten simple steps to get involved in acting. The main audience in people who would like to get into the film industry.

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