Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Acting Classes at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts


The American Academy of Dramatic Arts is a program I want to get involved in. They have two different campuses one in New York and the other in Los Angeles. The campus I would like to attend is in Los Angeles. This program offers many different types of classes for all kinds of people. I would like to do a summer program that they have. This program does not cost as much as others, the summer class I want to do only cost $3750 for a 5 week program. For the 5 week program they also offer electives that you can take for an additional $250 each. This 5 week program goes from June 22 to July 24 of 2015. One of the electives I would be interested in is an improvisation class. Some of the other electives are Musical Theater, Stage Combat, Auditioning for the Camera, and many more. If needed, they offer housing for all of their summer classes. 

During the summer they also do a 2 week program at both campuses. This 2 week program does not cost as much as the 5 week this one only cost $1500. Although it is cheaper it does not offer any of the electives that the 5 week does but it still does offer the same housing. The two different times that they offer this 2 week program are July 13 to July 24 and the other is from July 27 to August 7. There is also one more time period but it is only offered in New York and it is form June 8 to June 19. If these programs do not get your interest they also offer many more, or if you do not like this academy there are so many more great schools and classes that you could choose from.     

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  1. How much do other acting classes offer? How expensive are the houses/apartments for summer classes? What are some of the things you may learn from "improvisation class"?