Friday, February 27, 2015

Book Review

The book Audition by Michale Shurtleff is a book that gives advice towards young people trying to get involved with acting. It is everything an actor needs to know to get the part. This could be an interesting book to read especially if you are someone wanting to know what it takes to get involved in acting. It could give you guidelines on where to start to try and get an acting audition if you don't know where to start. It could also give advice to people that have attempted getting involved but have not succeeded yet.

This book does not just give you information it gives you true stories of what they are stating. For instance when the author was explaining what to wear for an audition he gave a story of someone showing up in the completely wrong attire, which makes it harder to focus on the actor and his audition. When going to an audition dress for the part or if you don't know what the part is the wear an outfit that won't pull away from how you look. Also wear the same outfit or costume to the second audition as you did to the first. You should do this because sometimes auditors make notes on what you are wearing to remember you. Another story from the book is that one auditors asked when the lady in the orange sweater was going to come back when she already came in again, but she was wearing a different outfit. Since she changed her outfit the auditors did not recognize her thus ruining a chance at getting a part.

This book by Michale Shurtleff contains some great information on getting an audition and if you are even  thinking about getting involved you should go check this book out.

Walking The Red Carpet

This big event that has been happening for 87 years now and is going to last a lot longer. For this event a few blocks on Hollywood Boulevard is shut down a week before this event is supposed to happen so that this rundown disgusting road can be transformed into a red path to flashing lights of fame. You are welcomed not only by security guards and metal detectors but also by a giant golden statue of a man. You can not just simply show up to this event you have to be invited and come in a formal attire. This is a well known gathering of many Hollywood stars, to come receive awards based on them doing a great jobs in the performing arts. This is the 87th annual academy award ceremony that took place this last Sunday at the Dolby Theater in downtown Hollywood.

At this years Academy Awards many Oscars were taken home. Surprisingly one film in particular won four Oscars. this film was Birdman it received awards for best picture, best director, Best Writing/Original Screenplay, and Best Achievement in Cinematography. I however did not enjoy this film by Alejandro G. Iñárritu. I thought it was too slow and hard to follow. One film that I did enjoy that also won a few Oscars was Whiplash which won three. The three it received where Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Achievement in Film Editing, and Best Achievement in Sound Mixing. Some other Oscars handed out that night was one for Julianne Moore for best actress, and Eddie Redmayne for best actor.

I was really lucky this because this last week during the set up for the Academy Awards I was down in Hollywood. I got to walk around and see the insanity going on down there. I got to see the transformation of an ordinary street into the great sight it was on Sunday afternoon. Although I would of like to be attending it instead of walking around looking at the setup it was still a great sight to see.  

Thursday, January 29, 2015

My Take on "Gone Girl" During Oscar Season

             Gone Girl (2014) Poster

This is a story about a mans crazy life and crazy wife. On the morning of his anniversary Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) is sitting in his bar when he gets a phone call from his neighbor saying his front door is open. when he gets home to see why the door is open he notices his house is a disaster and his wife Amy Donne (Rosamund Pike) is missing. The next day Nick and his in-laws set up a search party to find the missing Amy. The police start to think that nick is the killer when something unexpected happens.

Some aspects of the film that i enjoyed is the plot and the acting. The plot in this film was pretty good but i think that they could of  made it better. They could of added more detail to make the film more in depth, and also could have stretched it out. Everything in the film happened extremely fast. The acting was also really good. Its was so good that Rosamund Pike got nominated for an Oscar for best performance by an actress in a leading role. The other actors and actresses also did a fantastic job in this film.
This story was a novel by Gillian Flynn before it was made into a film by David Fincher. The book and the movie both have the same story line but also have some differences. In the movie they left out a lot of details from the book. In my opinion I think that they should of put more of the details in the movie and made it a little better.

Overall this was a great movie and it also was a great book. This movie had great acting and plot. I think if you haven't seen this or read the book you should go check it out.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Struggles of Getting Involved

One thing that i don't really like is that it is very harder to get involved in the film industry. One thing that makes it difficult is if you have tattoos or piercings. Although it is harder it is still possible there is makeup to cover it up. This is hard for me because I have wanted a tattoo since i was a little kid an still really want one.

Something that also makes it hared to get involved is your location. If you are anywhere like I am I can be extremely difficult to get involved. I live in a small town where nothing goes on, especially anything involving the film industry. However if you are in a larger city such as Hollywood it makes it so much easier. Even thought it is going to be very hard to get into I still am going to try my hardest to get in.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Acting Classes at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts


The American Academy of Dramatic Arts is a program I want to get involved in. They have two different campuses one in New York and the other in Los Angeles. The campus I would like to attend is in Los Angeles. This program offers many different types of classes for all kinds of people. I would like to do a summer program that they have. This program does not cost as much as others, the summer class I want to do only cost $3750 for a 5 week program. For the 5 week program they also offer electives that you can take for an additional $250 each. This 5 week program goes from June 22 to July 24 of 2015. One of the electives I would be interested in is an improvisation class. Some of the other electives are Musical Theater, Stage Combat, Auditioning for the Camera, and many more. If needed, they offer housing for all of their summer classes. 

During the summer they also do a 2 week program at both campuses. This 2 week program does not cost as much as the 5 week this one only cost $1500. Although it is cheaper it does not offer any of the electives that the 5 week does but it still does offer the same housing. The two different times that they offer this 2 week program are July 13 to July 24 and the other is from July 27 to August 7. There is also one more time period but it is only offered in New York and it is form June 8 to June 19. If these programs do not get your interest they also offer many more, or if you do not like this academy there are so many more great schools and classes that you could choose from.     

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Important websites to know

Internet Movie Database (IMDb) was created by Colin Needham in 1990 as a hobby and now is the 42nd most popular website in the world; it is used to get you any information about any movie or any actor. There is a search bar at the top to search for any TV, movie, celebrities or more its displayed with pictures and that the person is know for. The purpose of this website is to get anyone needed or wanted information on any thing to do with film. The target audience for this website is anyone and everyone.

Beginners guide to acting is a sight that helps young want to be actors start out in an acting career this sight was created by Michelle Louise Craig. This website is designed to be very helpful it has a homepage that tells you all about the site and has many other areas on the site to help you out. The purpose of this website is to help people get involved in acting and to tell the story of Michelle Louise Craig. The audience for this site is anyone wanting to get involved in acting or anyone wanting to see what it takes to get in.

About careerist was created by Phil Berman to show young actors ten easy steps to get involved in acting. On this sight you will find steps on how to become an actor/actress and has manny links to show you acting schools and courses. The purpose of this website is to help people in ten simple steps to get involved in acting. The main audience in people who would like to get into the film industry.